Well this is my first written review in a log time and I can’t deny that I’m nervous, not just because its my first in a long time but also because this track has a lot of language which I obviously do not understand. Well all I can say is that I would just review the beats and flow of the song. Talking about the beat this beat is quite crazy its one of the best beats I have heard all year(even tho we are just in the beginning of the year). Reminisce was some thing else on this track as he went quite well with the beat, switching it up when necessary and all. Then you talk about Olamide and waoh!! That’s what I can say because his flow on the beat was beautiful even with his very local style he did justice on the track. Phyno, what can I say apart from the fact that he is working on himself, he is positively improving which is a good thing, tho I didn’t say he was bad but he can be better and that’s what we saw on the track. Also I wanna shout out to “tyrone” who was the man behind the beat, it was wonderfully done, Job well Done. Download http://tinyurl.com/qhmdun3


2 thoughts on “Local Rappers – Reminisce

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