Let me quote the release write up of this track ”

Zaina releases a new single titled ‘Pana’ which means “Hit Me”.

Zaina says “Pana is what happens when there’s an explosion of strong feelings. It’s a shock wave of unpredictable reactions.”

“Pana” was produced by Vtek and released on the Livespot Entertainment imprint”

First of all I want to commend the efforts of the producer Vtek, the sound produced on the track is something I really love. Now like I said in my previous post to make it in the industry is not all about party jams or singing nonsense, because some people like timaya sing nonsense at times and sell out does not mean you can be a timaya, and talking about timaya he still has tracks where he actually makes a lot of sense with his lyrics. According to the release writeup, Pana is meant to mean “hit me”.( look how I use the word meant). and Pana is also a shock wave of unpredictable reactions. Now listen to the song and she says “pana, yebariba, e dey do body”? What is doing body? Hit me? or unpredictable reactions? I have no idea what she is talking about. She has a nice studio voice I must say, but this track is very pointless lyrically and I must say I would give it a 2.0.



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