This track features new school rapper Ink Edwards, FAlz, M.I, and Pasuma, right from the kick off the beat is something very nice and appealing to the ears, so I have to applause Galactic beatz for an incredible production and I also have to shout out to Suka sounds for a good job on the mixing and mastering. The song titled baddest is just too cliche tho like everybody is talking of being bad and all, but in general the song is good, Ink edwards for one went hard on the track and I have to applause him lyrically. As for Pasuma I don’t know what he said cos I don’t hear yoruba yet, but his flow on the track was beautifully delivered like when he went on Oga Nla, Falz on the other hand I have to say was very good with his flow as well and M.I was also very good with his short delivery. All round the song was great lyrically down to the production, so watch out for Ink Edwards and I hope he can deliver quality on his next track.

Rating: 8.0



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