Empire is a new hip hop artist who comes in releasing this single, I personally don’t know if this is his first track but all I know is that I am going to dissect this b*tch. Well for one as an upcomer your should not try to coming to hard so if you get really big u can maintain your status rather than fall. The truth is that I am quite impressed and pleased with him for not following the crowd by trying to make a club banger or party jam. But in earnest the song is still poor and below standard, for one his lyrics are too basic and his rhymes are forced. The flow on the jam was quite average too but the producer is definitely an amateur because he put in too many beats which f*cked up the sound, and whoever mixed the song too didn’t do a very good job as there where some obvious mistakes in there. All I would say in closing is that he has a lot of potential he just needs someone to put him in the right direction, he could go to a music school or something, but bottom line is that he definitely has to work on his self.

Rating: 5.0



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