Review: Young D – “Shabba” ft. Ayo Jay & Timaya

So this one comes from the producer Young D in which he features the talented Ayo Jay and Superstar Timaya. The song is nice for a dancehall track the only problem is the name, i think they need to come up with more titles and better names. It was just recently that Dj Xclusive released a track with this same name. But in all the song is actually a nice song.

Rating: 5.5



Review: Dream B – “Beautiful”

So they call this guy Dream B or that is what he calls himself and all i can say is that we need an agency to start screening artist and musicians and the songs they release. This song is an abomination to the ears and i dont think i would advice my enemy to listen to it. Like he really has nothing to say, the song is lyrically empty, well if they are looking for what to sing about i have a few ideas, we have boko haram, senate politics, nnpc, etc.

Rating: 2.0


Review: Jay Ocean – “For Me”

So this one titled For Me is coming from Jay Ocean who is a songwriter, producer, singer and writer based in united kingdom. Well those where all the accords in the write-up about the song, but all these things would not make people want to listen to you if your song is still whack. The truth is that i just listened to the track right now and I have to say hard work pays, but this dude here doesn’t want to work hard instead he wants to just try to blow once and shit like that only happen when you give the populace a very good song. This song is just not that, he rhymed too much and he just tried to make a party jam without it being that thing that would turn heads around. Well if he can pay alaba then he is sure to blow but if not he should go back to school or any hole he crawled out from.

Rating: 3.5


Review: GO_NA – “B4B4”

This one is coming from an artist who goes by the name of go_na, he has been around for a while and was a backup singer to a live band. Well he brings us the R&B and jazzy feeling on this track. He did a good work on the jam lyrically, the only problem i might have with him is the fact that his voice is not so ok. So he really needs to work on his voice, but in all the track is fantastic.

Rating: 7.0


Davido – Dodo

New track from HKN boss Davido, The track is produced by Kiddominant, Well I don’t really understand Yoruba but at the moment I have to say the song has a good rhythm and flow. But my problem is that he is trying to much to rhyme and most people would criticize sina rambo for his weak lyrics but the truth is that I feel he has stronger lyrics than the power house davido. SO can someone please tell me what elelele…. means?or its just nice now to just sing shit on tracks for the gullible and idiotic populace to listen to. Well like olamide’s record label says “Yahoo boy no laptop” I guess that’s how most of this artist are seeing the populace as their maga’s and mugu’s. I wouldn’t rate this one but all i have to say is all I have said.


Review: B-Red – “Cucumber” ft. Akon

HKN”s music act B-Red comes out with this new track featuring akon. The matter is that i hope nbc has listened to the song and have banned it from all airwaves because the song it too sex inclined. LIke the song is just sex, i just feel very disgusted at the moment. The song was produced by TEEKAYWITTY.

Rating: 4.0